Dear guests of the Mineral complex ``Terme di Hissar``,

Our goal and priority are to ensure the safety of our visitors and employees, to create positive emotions and to make unforgettable memories!

After analyzing all the recommendations and measures of the World Health Organization, the World Tourism Organization and other international organizations, as well as local authorities, including the recommendations of the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Tourism, BHRA, etc., we took all necessary measures and we have made the necessary changes in our way of working in connection with the prevention of the spread of COVID-19.

In this regard, our team is trained and prepared for work after the opening of the complex in May 2021, according to the requirements of state and health authorities.

We will continue to follow the recommendations and instructions of the government, health care institutions and medical experts on a daily basis and we will comply with our work process.

In short, the measures we have taken:

– Measurement of the body temperature of each visitor and employee upon entering the territory of the complex;
– Observance of high personal hygiene and social distancing from the team of the complex and the service staff;
– Mineral complex “Terme di Hissar” has the necessary disinfectants and protective equipment;
– The frequency, manner and means for cleaning and maintenance of common areas, spa facilities, swimming pools, restaurants are in accordance with the highest standards and requirements;
– The necessary changes have been made in individual services when visiting the Mineral complex “Terme di Hissar” to ensure your maximum comfort and tranquility.
In this situation, which is already common for all of us, we have focused mainly on providing care and comfort to all our visitors and employees.

We remain at your disposal for additional questions. We are expecting you!

The team of Mineral complex “Terme di Hissar”

Security and safety


1. All employees of the complex will have their body temperature measured upon entering the site.

All employees will wear appropriate protective clothing and protective equipment, based on their official duties and responsibilities and in compliance with state or local regulations.
2. Training on the proper use and disposal of all protective equipment will be mandatory.
3. Each employee who enters the territory of the Mineral complex “Terme di Hissar” will be provided with a protective mask, which he will wear until leaving the site and it will be replaced with a new one every 60 minutes during the day.
4. Gloves will be distributed to all employees whose responsibilities, according to medical experts, require wearing such, including employees for cleaning common areas, security and who are in direct contact with visitors to the complex.
5. In order to ensure compliance with the social distance, Mineral complex “Terme di Hissar” will monitor the number of visitors until reaching the specified capacity.


Ticket sales, prepayment for the use of a safe, entry on the territory of the Mineral complex “Terme di Hissar”:

1. Entrance and deposit boxes / sale of entrance tickets, refilling of electronic bracelets with amounts, prepayment for safe deposit rental / – the employees work with a protective mask and gloves.
2. The electronic bracelets that visitors receive upon entering the complex are disinfected at the end of the day after their return.
3. In front of each safe there are placed markers, guaranteeing the observance of a social distance of 2 m.
4. At the entrance of the complex and at all sites where customer service is performed, a disinfectant dispenser is placed.

Entering the territory of the Mineral complex “Terme di Hissar”:

1. Passing of visitors is done by passing through a turnstile.
2. Upon passing, the luggage of the visitors for import of prohibited items, weapons, food, drinks, etc. is also checked.
– employees who check in visitors and check their luggage, work with gloves and a protective mask;
– after the turnstile there is a disinfectant dispenser;
– еvery 60 minutes the employees change their gloves and protective masks with new ones;

Visitor information:

1. Employees who provide information to visitors before and after entering the territory of the complex and during their service, it is necessary to wear a protective mask.
2. Lifeguards at the pools need to:
– observe a distance of at least 2 m from the visitors;
– control the observance of distance in the pools and relax facilities;
– in case of an accident, observe the requirement for rendering first aid according to the prescriptions of the Bulgarian Red Cross.

Fast food and bars:

1. All restaurants in the complex are outdoors. The measures valid for the operation of fast food restaurants and bars are applied, namely:
– distribution of tables according to the requirements for compliance with a distance of 1.5 m from each other and a maximum of 6 people or 1 family can sit on one table ;
– the establishments in the complex will work with 50% of their capacity until 18:00 or according to the last issued order of the Minister of Health;

– kitchen staff works with protective equipment – gloves, masks and hats;
– the employees who serve the customers work with gloves and a protective mask;
– every 60 minutes the countertops on which the food is served to the customers are disinfected;
– after each client the tables and chairs are cleaned and disinfected;
– VIP tents – can be used by one family. They are cleaned and disinfected after their release by visitors and before their borrowing by new customers;
– in front of each stand there are marked areas to ensure compliance with the distance between visitors.

Changing rooms and toilets:

1. The measures applicable to the maintenance of toilets and changing rooms in outdoor swimming pools shall apply, namely:
1.1. Changing rooms:
– cleaning with disinfectant of all common parts every 60 min.
1.2. Toilets and showers:
– permanent disinfection every 30 minutes as this does not impede the movement of visitors;


All water facilities meet the requirements to ensure the maintenance of residual free chlorine in the water 0.4 – 0.5 mg / liter.

Maintenance of common areas, sunbeds, umbrellas, poufs:

1. Common areas and sites:
– all common parts are washed with a steam jet every day before opening and after closing the complex.
2. Sunbeds, umbrellas and poufs:
– the location of sunbeds and umbrellas is in accordance with the requirement to observe a social distance of at least 1.5 m between the sunbeds;
– each chaise longue is disinfected after its final release;
– under one umbrella there can be no more than 2 people or 1 family;
– Poufs, covers are disinfected every day before opening and after closing the complex.


For the visitors of the Terme di Hissar Mineral complex ”there is a free transport to and from the complex.

The transportation of visitors to / from the complex is carried out according to the requirements for public transport, namely:
– all passengers are required to wear protective masks during the trip with the vehicle;
– the number of passengers on board is based on the number of seats;
– a disinfectant dispenser is installed in each vehicle;
– the driver of the vehicle is wearing a protective mask during the carriage of passengers;
– between each transport course disinfection of the vehicle is performed – floor, windows, seats, handles.


1. Every visitor is obliged to observe the safety measures in the conditions of open spaces and not to abuse or deliberately aim to discredit the site.
2. The employees have the right to remove from the territory of the Mineral complex “Terme di Hissar” any visitor who intentionally violates the safety and hygiene measures.
3. At the entrance of the Mineral complex “Terme di Hissar” are placed signs indicating compliance with safety measures.
4. If there are animation programs, they are conducted in compliance with the requirement for physical distance outdoors.
5. On the territory of the Mineral complex “Terme di Hissar” there is a medical person.
6. All employees shall be trained in compliance with sanitary and hygienic measures.
7. All employees receive daily reminders. Before work, check the applied protective equipment.
8. For all units check sheets are drawnup, which reflect the performance of the respective desinfection activity of the respective site in the complex.


Protecting our health and the health of others is a shared responsibility!
That is why we address all of you in the name of general safety with the following recommendations:
1. Each of you as a visitor of the Mineral complex “Terme di Hissar” to follow the rules of personal disinfection.
2. Observe social distance even where no markers are placed.
3. Carefully read the safety rules written on the information boards placed at the entrance of the complex.

For your safety, please follow the safety rules and instructions of our lifeguards.
4. After the use of disposable packaging and consumables, they must be disposed off at the waste disposal site immediately after use.
5. When you cough or sneeze, cover your mouth and nose at the elbow crease.
6. Use disposables to remove secretions and dispose of them in appropriate waste disposal areas after use.

7. Gently wash your hands with warm water and rub them for at least 30 seconds.
8. If you have flu-like symptoms such as cough, runny nose, fever, chills, muscle aches, please stay home and take care of your health.