Frequently asked questions

Terme di Hissar is the largest mineral complex in the town of Hissarya. Here you will find water facilities for all ages, as well as many opportunities for quality entertainment – swimming pools, restaurants, themed DJ parties, events, children’s animation, Relax zone with sauna, steam bath, salt room, relax mineral pool.

Can children visit the complex on their own?

Minors (up to 14 years old) must be accompanied by a parent, guardian, trustee or responsible adult (over 18 years old).

Are pets allowed in the complex?

In view of the comfort of all our visitors, pets are not allowed on the territory of the complex, regardless of their breed or size.

Are there any restrictions on the use of the complex?

The use of sauna and steam bath by pregnant women and persons under 18 years of age is not recommended.

The use of water and spa facilities by people with injuries (plaster, bandages, surgical sutures), as well as people suffering from infectious diseases or showing symptoms of Covid – 19 / temperature, runny nose, cough, loss of taste and smell, muscle pain, fever. It is important to take into account your health and to decide for yourself which of the facilities is not safe for you to use. There are lifeguards on the territory of the complex who take care of the safety of our visitors.

Are there facilities for the use of which you have to pay extra?

Use of the outdoor pools is included in the entrance fee. It is paid only for the use of additional services (Relax zone, safe rental, consumption in the restaurants in the complex, tent rental, etc.).

Is the use of sunbeds and umbrellas in the complex free of charge?

The entrance fee includes the use of an umbrella and a deck chair. Please note that the number of sunbeds and umbrellas is limited and once occupied, there is no possibility to provide additional. Advance reservations for sun loungers are not accepted at Terme di Hissar.

Is there parking at the complex and is it free for its visitors?

The complex has parking, which is free for guests of the complex and is only available to them.

Are there any living conditions for people with mobility problems on the territory of the complex?

For people with mobility problems there are parking lots, changing rooms and showers, providing all the necessary conditions for movement with aids or wheelchairs.

Is there a medical person in the complex?

On the territory of the complex, within the working hours of the water and Relax zone, there is a constant presence of a medical person who provides first aid to victims on the territory of the site.

What is the appropriate clothing for the use of swimming pools and Relax zone?

You will be most comfortable with a swimsuit.
From the point of view of your safety and that of the other visitors of the complex, trousers or T-shirts with metal accessories, zippers or fasteners, as well as jewelry and chains are not allowed.
From the point of view of the comfort of all our guests, who are of different nationality, gender, marital status, religion and age, visitors in underwear, transparent swimsuits or monokinis are not allowed.

Is transport provided to / from the complex?

All residents and visitors of Hissarya can take advantage of our free bus lines to and from the complex. Detailed information about the stops and schedules can be found HERE.

What do I need to bring with me?

Bring only the essentials: swimsuit and hat, towel, sunscreen, cash or debit / credit card to deposit your e-bracelet for additional services and an identity document to identify you in case of need.

We do not recommend you to wear expensive jewellery or other valuables.

Is it necessary to pay an entrance fee in case I will not use the water facilities, but only want to be a client of the restaurants in the complex?

To be our guest, even just as a customer of the restaurants in the complex, you need to pay an entrance fee.

What if the weather conditions are not suitable for using the water facilities and I have already bought an entrance ticket?

Our priority is the safe use of all facilities by our visitors.

If the climatic conditions do not allow their safe use, their work is suspended until the meteorological conditions improve.

No refunds due to bad weather!

Where can I store personal valuables and documents?

The storage of personal documents and valuables is your responsibility.

If you wish, you can rent a safe for an additional fee, which is done at our cash registers after entering the complex.

The price for renting a safe is BGN 5.00.

Mineral complex “Terme di Hissar” is not responsible for lost personal belongings, valuables and documents that are not left for safekeeping.

How are the additional services in the complex paid for?

You can pay your entrance fee, as well as a deposit for additional services, in cash or by debit / credit card at our cash registers.

On the territory of the complex, the only payment instrument is your electronic bracelet. You can top it up with amounts of your choice. With your electronic bracelet you pay for all additional services you use on the territory of the complex (food and drinks, rental of a safe, use of SPA center, massages and therapies for face and body, etc.). You can check the availability in your bracelet at any time at our cash registers. If the amount deposited in your electronic bracelet is running out, you can recharge it at our cash registers.

The bracelets are waterproof and do not come off during your entire stay in the complex.

A fine of BGN 20.00 is due for a lost or damaged bracelet.

How are amounts charged in the electronic bracelet and what happens to the deposited amount in case I fail to spend it?

Electronic bracelets are loaded at our cash registers (in cash or by debit / credit card).

In case you have not spent the entire amount, your balance is returned to the cash registers when leaving the complex in cash, in Bulgarian leva. Don’t forget to take it from the cash register before returning your bracelet!

All bracelets are restarted immediately after their return and the information in them cannot be restored!

Is it possible to leave the complex and then re-enter within the same day?

Is it possible to leave the complex and then re-enter within the same day? During your stay you can go out of the complex and for the purpose of the entrance our employee will take your electronic bracelet and will give you a coupon with a number, against which when you return you will receive it again.

Is it allowed to bring food and drinks in the complex?

On the territory of the Mineral complex “Terme di Hissar” we observe strict standards for food and beverage safety, due to which the import of external ones is not allowed. An exception is made only for baby food and water.

At the entrance of the complex, the security guards check the luggage of all visitors for weapons, glassware, food and drinks. If they are found, the guards will keep them until you leave the complex, and they will be returned to you when you leave. If you want to consume your own food or drinks, you have the opportunity to leave the complex and return later.

Are food and drinks available in the complex?

On the territory of the Mineral complex “Terme di Hissar” there is a fast food restaurant and three bars, which offer a variety of foods, salads, ice cream, alcoholic and soft drinks.

For the Summer 2021 season, the Terme di Hissar Mineral Complex will be open to visitors from May 2021 to September 2021.

What should I do if one of the visitors to the complex behaves indecently?

If you are concerned about the behavior of any of our visitors, please avoid personal quarrels and contact the security of the complex. Security guards havethe authority to excludes someone who breaches the security codes, displace lewd behavior or violence, or has clearly consumed alchohol or other substances on the complex’s territory.

How can I contact you in case I have forgotten things on the territory of the Mineral complex "Terme di Hissar"?

If you find that you have forgotten or lost your belongings on the territory of the complex, you can contact us by phone +359898480018.

We will contact you at the specified phone number when we find the forgotten / lost items. They will be sent to you by courier at your expense to the address specified by you.

What is the water in the pools and what is its temperature?

The water in our pools is mineral from the thermal water source “Bancheto – Miromir”. We do not heat it further, so its temperature depends on the weather and climate for the month.

The water springs with a temperature of 36 degrees.


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