Rules for use of Mineral complex ``Terme di Hissar``

The rules in the Mineral complex “Terme di Hissar” are designed for the convenience and safety of visitors.

Observance of the Rules of the Mineral complex “Terme di Hissar” is MANDATORY.

By purchasing an entrance ticket, you automatically agree to these rules.

1. Minors (up to 14 years old) visitors to the Mineral complex “Terme di Hissar” must be accompanied by a parent, guardian, trustee, or another adult to take appropriate care for the kid.

2. The import of food, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages or waters of any type is prohibited on the territory of the complex. An exception is made only for baby food.

3. The import of any type of weapon, sharp objects and flammable materials as well narcotics and drugs is not allowed.

4. Persons in a state of intoxication or under the influence of narcotics are not allowed on the territory of the complex.

5. Please decide for yourself whether it is safe for you to use the pools and spa facilities in the complex. Mineral complex “Terme di Hissar” is not responsible for injuries or accidents caused by your own judgment or failure to follow the instructions of our lifeguards.

6. All visitors to the complex must follow their instructions to avoid injuries and accidents.

Improper behaviour or refusal to comply with the rules for visiting the complex and noncompliance with the instructions of the lifeguards will lead to removal from the territory of the Mineral complex “Terme di Hissar”.

7. Visitors to the Mineral complex “Terme di Hissar” must be in good health and must not suffer from heart disease, have no surgical sutures, high blood pressure or be affected by potential medical problems.

The use of swimming pools and the facilities in the Relax zone by people with injuries (plaster, bandages), as well as by people suffering from infectious diseases or with virus-like symptoms /runny nose, cough, fever, chills, muscle pain/ is not allowed.

8. In case an authorized representative of the Mineral complex “Terme di Hissar” finds that the order and security of the complex are endangered due to theft, aggressive behavior, action against the rules of the complex or non-compliance with the instructions for use of the facilities, then this employee is authorized to restrict the access of the respective visitor and to take him out of the territory of the complex without refund of the paid amount.

9. The use of the facilities may be restricted due to unsuitable climatic conditions or maintenance work.

Mineral complex “Terme di Hissar” does not refund amounts and does not provide compensation for a ticket already purchased in bad weather conditions or due to your untimely good judgment.

10. From an ethical point of view, it is necessary to be dressed in swimsuits suitable for the use of the equipment. It is not allowed to stay on the territory of the complex with the following clothing: transparent swimsuits, underwear, monokinis.

11. Children with ordinary diapers are not allowed in any of the pools in the complex. The use of the children’s pools by our little guests is allowed only with special diapers for swimming.

12. Mineral complex “Terme di Hissar” is not responsible for stolen or lost property during your stay on its territory.

Safes are available to our visitors at an additional cost.

13. In order not to injure yourself or other visitors to the complex, please do not run around the pools and do not jump into them.

14. All photos or videos taken on the territory of the complex are for personal use only. Their use for commercial or other purposes, without the consent of the Mineral complex “Terme di Hissar”, is prohibited.

15. On the territory of the Mineral complex “Terme di Hissar”, for the safety and security of our visitors and employees, are placed many security cameras.

16. Pets, regardless of their breed or size, are not allowed on the territory of the Terme di Hissar Mineral complex.

17. A fine in the amount of BGN 20.00 shall be paid for a lost or damaged electronic bracelet.

18. Please keep all receipts untill you leave the complex.

Disputed amounts are refunded only upon presentation of a receipt!

20. Persons under 18 years of age are not allowed in the SPA center!

All pools in the complex are supplied with thermal mineral water from the spring “Bancheto – Miromir” in the town of Hissarya. The water is with temperature 36 degrees.

The total mineralization of the water from KEI “Bancheto – Miromir”, Hissarya, is 270 mg / l.
It is characterized as thermal, low mineralized, hydrocarbonate – sulphate, sodium, fluorine and silicon water, without sanitary – chemical and microbiological signs of pollution. 


Each visitor agrees and accepts the current rules with the purchase of a ticket for the use of the facilities in the Mineral complex “Terme di Hissar”.